LATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. Eyelash hypotrichosis is another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

LATISSE® is the only FDA-approved treatment that grows lashes longer, fuller, and darker. There are many eyelash treatments available, but only LATISSE® is FDA-approved for safety and efficacy.

What is it?

The active ingredient in LATISSE® is bimatoprost, which has been used for many years to treat elevated intraocular pressure. While on this medication, many patients noticed they had longer, fuller, and darker lashes.

LATISSE® comes in a small bottle, like a bottle of eye drops.



How does it work?

What are the benefits of



What results are expected?

The effects of LATISSE® are gradual. Some patients may start to notice longer lashes after about a month, and many should experience full results in approximately 4 months (16 weeks).

The most common side effects after using LATISSE® solution are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. Some patients have also reported eyelid redness and darkening of eyelid skin. There have been no reported changes to eye color with the use of LATISSE®.

If the use of LATISSE® is discontinued, eyelashes will return to their previous appearance over the course of several weeks to months.

What is the service like?

Using a thin brush, patients apply LATISSE® nightly to the upper lid at the base of the lashes, similar to how liquid eyeliner is applied. For best results, it needs to be used once a day for 16 weeks. Using LATISSE® more than once a day will not grow your lashes faster or improve the efficacy of the product.

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