Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

At Paradise Dermatology, we use the innovative Candela GentleMax Pro® and the Candela GentleLase Pro laser hair removal technologies. Procedures performed with Gentle systems are fast, comfortable, and suitable for all skin types. Our high-powered laser systems combined with our expertise means you will get an effective laser hair removal treatment leading to the best results.

What is it?

A precise laser targets the hair follicle at the root, delivering a burst of gentle energy and therapeutic heat to provide permanent hair reduction over the course of a few treatments. With fast treatment times, our laser hair removal delivers a more comfortable patient experience.

Laser Hair Removal


How does it work?

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Laser Hair Removal


What results are expected?

The technology is easy on your skin and delivers results quickly and with minimal discomfort. The treated area may be pink or red, with little bumps or swelling around the hair follicle. This usually dissipates on its own after a few hours or within 2 days. Patients should avoid sun exposure before and after treatment. Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) when going outdoors. In the first few days after treatment, do not scrub or use abrasive cleansers on treated areas.

What is the service like?

Gentle laser hair removal treatment is faster and more comfortable than standard laser hair removal treatment. Patients can experience up to a 20% reduction of hair per treatment, and 6 treatments are recommended for best results.

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