CryoCorrect® is a treatment that will safely and effectively remove unwanted dark spots and skin tags without affecting surrounding healthy tissue.

What is it?

The CryoCorrect® pen is a highly-precise tool that safely and effectively removes unwanted dark spots and skin tags. Unlike older cryosurgery methods which use liquid nitrogen, the CryoCorrect® service uses a very precise stream of carbon dioxide, which allows for a more comfortable experience than other cryogenic gases. Additionally, the precision of the CryoCorrect® pen leaves the surrounding healthy tissue undisturbed.



How does it work?

What are the benefits of



What results are expected?

There is no downtime, and the treated area will turn into a scab. The scab will slough off between 2-3 weeks, and normal healthy skin will appear. In some cases, the healing process can vary from 4-12 weeks.

What is the service like?

A CryoCorrect® treatment is quick and relatively easy, as the actual freezing only takes about 8-10 seconds. The CryoCorrect® pen offers a steady flow of carbon dioxide at a lower temperature, allowing the provider to freeze away the spot or skin tag. The treated area is quickly frozen and will turn the skin a dark color. This dark color may last between 3-5 days before the scab forms.

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