You Showed Up for the #SkinCheckChallenge!

June 22, 2023

You Showed Up for the #SkinCheckChallenge!

May was Skin Cancer & Melanoma Awareness month and in an effort to educate our patients on the risks, treatments, and prevention of skin cancer and melanoma, we took part in the #skincheckchallenge. 

This effort was part of Skin Cancer Foundation national campaign to encourage patients to get their annual skin check and share via social media using the hashtag #SkinCheckChallenge.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States; approximately 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. Fortunately, if caught early, it’s also one of the most treatable, which is why Paradise Dermatology is so adamant about annual skin checks! We set a goal to perform 500 skin checks during the month of May and we are happy that more than a thousand of you took our advice and got your pre-summer skin check!

We are thrilled to report that our team saw 1,025 patients in May helping them feel confident in their skin! 

If you didn’t participate in May’s #SkinCheckChallenge, now is a great time to make your appointment for your annual skin exam with one of our experienced dermatological providers! Want to know what to expect during that appointment, here are a few tips. 

  • If you’ve never had atypical moles or skin cancer, the exam will likely take around 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You’ll be asked to change into a medical exam gown. Your provider will thoroughly check your skin from the top of your head to your toes, paying close attention to hard-to-see spots like your scalp, back and buttocks, behind your ears, and even between your toes.
  • If your provider finds any suspicious spots, they may biopsy them and send them to a lab for analysis. If the report comes back that the spot is skin cancer, you will be contacted, and treatment options will be discussed.

Once you’ve made your appointment, follow these five simple steps to prepare for and make the most of your time with your dermatological specialist: 

  1. Know your skin: we encourage our patients to perform self-exams each month noting any new, unusual, or changing spots. 
  2. Fresh face forward: skip or remove any make-up before your exam. 
  3. Remove all nail polish: this allows us to examine your finger and toe nails. 
  4. Messy hair, don’t care: wear your hair loose so that we can get a good look at your scalp.  
  5. Ask us questions: we’re here to help you prevent skin cancer and look your best! 

Remember, early detection is the key to the most minimal and cost-effective treatment with the highest chance of a cure!