Skin Care Habits to Make and Break this New Year

January 2, 2023

Skin Care Habits to Make and Break this New Year

Habits to Make in 2023

Schedule Your Annual Skin Exams

If you don’t already see a trained dermatology provider for annual full-body skin exams, this is the year to start! Annual skin exams save lives—there’s no doubt. For those of us living in sun-filled Florida, these exams are absolutely critical. Most cases of skin cancer are highly treatable when caught early, so it’s incredibly important that you’re regularly getting your moles and freckles examined by a professional.

Book your appointment for a full-body exam here.

Begin Investing in Your Skin

Your skin deserves just as much care as any other part of your body! Invest in your skin by having a consultation with a trained dermatology provider to learn more about your skin’s characteristics, discover products that will work best for you, and explore cosmetic treatments that will help bring out your natural glowing beauty. NEW in 2023 is our CO2 laser with CoolPeel®—the most advanced skin resurfacing technology on the market, offering impressive results with minimal downtime. 

Learn more about our menu of cosmetic services here.

Regularly Wear Sunscreen

Always, always wear sunscreen! Whether you’re taking a walk on an overcast morning, or relaxing on the beach on a sunny summer afternoon, UV rays are still shining. UV light is very powerful and can penetrate through clouds, water, and glass windows as well as reflect off cement, sand, and more. In 2023, make sunscreen a routine habit and adopt the mindset that sunscreen is a vital, everyday part of skin care. Make it part of your routine like brushing your teeth! Find a daily moisturizer or face makeup with SPF that you enjoy using. At Paradise Dermatology, we have products for sale in-house for you to choose from, and our expert staff can recommend what is best for you and your skin type.

Habits to Break in 2023

Picking at Your Skin

When you have a pimple, dry skin, or another skin condition, it can be tempting to pick at it. Sometimes, you may even be picking at your skin without thinking about it. If this sounds like you, try breaking this habit in 2023. Touching your skin in general spreads bacteria anyway, but picking at your skin can cause breakouts, damage collagen and connective proteins, and inhibit your body’s natural healing process. In certain cases, skin picking can also encourage the formation of hyperpigmentation and scarring.

If you’re dealing with a skin issue like acne, eczema, or another condition, book an appointment with us to meet with one of our trained dermatology providers here.

Take Inventory Regularly

While you rummage through your bathroom cabinet and makeup drawer, you may come across some products that have you asking yourself, “Should I throw this out?” Make an effort to regularly take stock of your skin care collection and makeup. Old lotions, moisturizers, soaps, and makeup products can cause adverse reactions like irritation, rashes, blemishes, or infections. Additionally, sunscreen has an expiration date and is less effective when expired.

Take extra care to throw away old eye makeup products, as you do not want to be introducing your eyes to nasty bacteria and other germs that might have been settling in your old makeup.

Long, Hot Showers

Few things are more relaxing than a long, hot shower, but a habit of this can be harmful to your skin. Hot showers can disrupt the skin's natural balance of moisture and dry you out, robbing you of the natural oils that keep your skin healthy. When you take a hot shower, the hot water increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, making it redder and more sensitive. If you manage rosacea or acne breakouts, hot water could give you even more inflammation. 

Make 2023 Your Best Year of Skin Yet

When you adopt these new, positive habits and retire the old, negative ones, you’re setting yourself up for skin care success. If you’re eager to dive into some New Year’s resolutions regarding skin care and would like some guidance on where to start, book a consultation appointment at Paradise here!