More Than Sunscreen

May 18, 2022

More Than Sunscreen

At Paradise Dermatology, we cannot stress enough the critical importance of sunscreen all year-round and especially during the summer. While all sunscreen is effective, and any sunscreen is better than no sunscreen, we recommend mineral formulas over chemical ones. Mineral sunscreen contains ingredients that settle on the skin’s surface and physically prevent UV rays from penetrating the skin. Meanwhile, chemical sunscreen allows UV rays in, but its ingredients create a chemical reaction with the UV light and convert it to heat.

But in addition to slathering on proper sun protection, there are other lifestyle adjustments that you can make to help keep your skin even healthier and happier during this time of year.

Take Shorter Showers and Baths

Amidst these hot and sweaty months, it’s tempting to take more showers than usual. However, beware that overshowering can irritate your skin and could even trigger eczema outbreaks if you are susceptible. 

Taking shorter showers and baths, as well as using warm water rather than hot, will be gentler on your skin during the summer.

Invest in Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Many makeup products fill and cover your pores, rendering your skin unable to properly release normal oils and sweat throughout the hot day. 

Invest in non-comedogenic makeup products, as these will not clog your pores. Non-comedogenic makeup is important all year-round, but especially in the Florida summer when your skin needs to breathe more than ever!

Don’t Stop Moisturizing

During long stretches of hot and humid days, you may feel uninterested in continuing to use your daily moisturizer in the summertime. But that layer of summertime sweat does not count!

If you don’t like the way moisturizing makes your skin feel during the summer months, consider switching to a more lightweight moisturizer for the season. Even better: find one with SPF.