Is your skin getting enough Vitamin C?

August 4, 2019

Is your skin getting enough Vitamin C?

We all know the benefits of taking vitamin C but did you know that when it comes to your skin topical vitamin C delivers 20 times more vitamin C than taking it orally!   Now don’t stop taking your vitamin C supplements and eating vitamin C rich foods but do consider finding a vitamin C product to add to your skincare regimen asap! If you’re concerned about uneven skin tone, sun damage, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation as well as general skin health you will want to take a look at the benefits of a topical product. Now available in serums, creams, and powders, vitamin C is backed up by the clinical research to support it’s claims of repairing damaged skin and preventing further damage.  Let’s take a look at it’s superpowers.  

  • Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, particularly in regards to protecting skin cells from UV-induced damage.
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen production to reduce fine lines and has the potential to thicken the dermis
  • Vitamin C causes and anti-inflammatory response in the skin, preventing redness and inflammation especially after sun exposure
  • Vitamin C has a positive effect on reducing hyperpigmentation levels
  • Vitamin C improves the appearance of sun-damaged skin by strengthening skin’s ability to repair.

With all of these benefits, vitamin C is one of the most important and effective nutrients for your skin!  The next thing to look at is how it is formulated.  With so many options on the market which one is right for you?   Because vitamin C is  an inherently unstable ingredient meaning it oxidizes quickly packaging and formulation is key.  Additionally, it can be irritating to the epidermis so finding the right type is important to you being able to use it consistently.  Typically air tight packaging or dark bottles are used to maintain the stability of the product and ensure it’s delivering the percentage it’s claiming. Generally percentages between 10 and 15% deliver the most benefit but some formulations such as Revision’s 30% Vitamin C lotion utilize different forms of lipid soluble vitamin C that deliver the amazing benefits without the irritation making it excellent for dry and/or sensitive skin types.  As far as serums go the industry gold standard is SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic. CE Ferulic contains the original potent formulation of pure L-ascorbic acid and 1% vitamin E. The addition of the Ferulic acid doubles the performance!

Whichever product you decide on, daily application of this vitamin, along with a broad-spectrum sun block offers the ultimate protection from UV light and associated environmental damage.