Employee Spotlight: Paul Wargo

August 4, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Paul Wargo

Paul is one of our incredible staff members, providing superb patient care and comfort all while juggling his critical job responsibilities as a medical assistant. Read more about Paul, what he loves about Paradise, and his fascinating career move from stage lights to surgery lights!

  1. What's the most unique part about working at Paradise Dermatology?

The most unique part of working at Paradise Dermatology over the last 8 years, and as the only male until recently, is the amount of job responsibilities as a medical assistant. The position includes rooming our valued patients, but also the abundance of side work. Every day is a unique challenge, but so worth it! Assisting in resolving our patients’ dermatological needs is rewarding to all involved.

  1. What inspired you to begin a career in healthcare?

The funny thing is, I just fell into the healthcare field. I was an actor for many years and I happened to be in a production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when my career changed. A fellow actor in the cast had parents who were doctors, one of them a dermatologist. I went from stage lights to overhead surgery lights!

  1. Who motivates you to be your very best?

Other than my patients, the people that motivate me to do my very best are my work family. I cannot express how much my team helps me be my very best in what I do. A big shoutout to our Sarasota office. I’m lucky to be on Jenny and Carrie’s team led by our awesome office manager, Tisha. It motivates me to know my work family has each other’s backs to get the care our patients need.

  1. Since beginning your role at Paradise, what has been your proudest moment at work?

In my 8 years at Paradise Dermatology, my proudest moment is that my work ethic is 99.9% off the charts. My attendance, the timely completion of my job duties, and my friendly manner to both patients and coworkers. But there is always room for improvement. I have to say the number one question I get asked is, “What is it like working with all these women?”

  1. What do Paradise patients mean to you?

The patients we have at Paradise Dermatology are certainly entertaining. I love listening and learning about their lives. It’s amazing when you room a patient and you get to learn the good, the bad, or the ugly. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to listen. At Paradise, I’m there to listen to the patient’s concerns. It’s my job to reassure them that I will make them feel comfortable and reassure them that the provider is informed of their needs. Our patients are in the best of care with the brilliant providers we have, not to mention the amazing staff.

  1. What’s your favorite pastime or hobby outside of work?

My favorite pastime or hobby outside of work is hanging out at home. I’ve become a homebody! My parents retired here, which makes me very happy. I love streaming TV. I do enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding. Not fond of the beach or walking for that matter. I love the Sarasota Farmers Market and I’m a season ticket holder to the Florida Studio Theatre. Love Cinébistro! I also attend the Straz, The Asolo, and The Van Wezel.

  1. Favorite way to relax on a Sunday night?

My favorite way to spend a Sunday night is takeout from Bushido Sushi on Beneva and Webber with my new kitten who found me named Charlie, watching HBO Max, and enjoying an adult beverage.

  1. What’s one skin care product you can’t live without?

Lastly, the one skin care product I can’t live without is Isdin Actinic Care Eryfotona Actinica sunscreen. It’s not only mineral based, but it can repair sun damage and dries like you are not wearing any sunscreen. Great for runners or bicycle people! BOTOX is another…you can visit Alex and Lizz for that!