Employee Spotlight: Heather Brame

March 2, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Heather Brame

Our histologist, Heather, works at all three Paradise offices! She joined the Paradise team in 2020 and was inspired to follow her mother's path in histology. As a Paradise employee, she feels motivated by Dr. Pennie to be her best self and she enjoys being a part of a collaborative team. Read more about Heather here!

My mother inspired me to pursue my career in histology since she was a histologist her whole career. She would let me look at all the different slides she prepared under her microscope when I was a kid. It just fascinated me. She would also show me different images and explain what they were in her histology books along with different chemical stains.

My family motivates me to do my best work. I want to provide form them, show my husband and my son what a compassionate, hard worker can achieve in life. My boss Dr. Pennie also motivates me to challenge myself, never give up and not to be afraid to try new things. The people I work with also play a role in motivation by always helping one another and being a team.

My husband, son, and myself love being on the water where it is boating, at the beach or at the pool. We love being around family and friends, planning trips and experiencing new places.