Dealing with 'Maskne': Dr. Duggan with Suncoast News Network

August 4, 2020

Dealing with 'Maskne': Dr. Duggan with Suncoast News Network

SARASOTA - If your face has started to break out from wearing a mask, you’re not the only one.

“Definitely an increase in the number of patients with 'maskne,'" Chelsea Duggan, DO, with Paradise Dermatology said. "Especially areas that are kind of under occlusion, like the bridge of the nose, and the chin and cheeks, definitely, as well."

Dr. Duggan says since masks have become our most-worn accessory, more and more patients have come to her with acne in those areas.

“We’re breathing in them all day, so everything we breathe is kinda sitting right on top of that mask," Dr. Duggan said.

She says there are things you can do to reduce 'maskne,' and still keep your neighbor safe.

"For the cloth masks, daily washing is very important," Duggan said. "Take it home, wash it. If it’s a surgical mask, or like a medical grade mask, you know, changing it out as frequently as possible.

”She says be diligent about your normal skincare routine.

“Washing your face morning and night is really helpful," Duggan said.

And if you’ve noticed your acne flaring up during the pandemic, give yourself a break.

“COVID has been stressful for everyone, and I think stress definitely plays a part in the skin, as well, so I think that’s part of it too," Duggan said.

Dr. Duggan says make sure you have a good moisturizer, and if you notice the masks make you dry, Vaseline and Aquaphor can help.