Cosmetic Services are Best in a Medical Setting

January 31, 2023

Cosmetic Services are Best in a Medical Setting

When you want to establish the right foundation for all your skin care goals, we offer cosmetic services that are designed to smooth, lift, and reveal younger, healthier-looking skin to make you feel confident and glow from the inside and out! At Paradise, we offer the most advanced treatments on the market including microneedling to reduce the appearance of scars, laser hair removal for smooth and silky legs, and skin resurfacing with our new C02 laser with CoolPeel® technology.

Once you determine which procedure is right for you, you have many choices for where to get these done. In this blog, we’ll share the benefits of receiving cosmetic services from a Board-Certified dermatology provider in a medical setting, such as one of our offices. 

Understanding Your Skin and Your Health

There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to your skin! Because your skin is an integral component of your external appearance, it’s important to always keep in mind that it’s an organ with health needs just like any other part of our body. 

When receiving a cosmetic treatment, it’s also important that the professionals treating you understand your skin from a medical perspective. Trained dermatology providers have a holistic understanding of the skin with your overall health in mind. They will consider your medical history, skin type, prescriptions you may be using, other medical conditions you may have, and any possible sensitivities to certain products and treatments.

Unlike an employee at a medspa, trained dermatology providers can treat the root of the issue causing your skin issues. They can treat your symptoms retroactively, as well as proactively. Take acne scarring, for example, that can be cosmetically treated, but only a trained dermatology provider can educate you as to why that happened, provide prescriptions to treat the root issue, and therefore help you prevent more scarring in the future. Once the condition is under control, they can also guide you towards the proper cosmetic treatment to improve the health and the look of your skin. 

Expertise Matters for Best Results

Cosmetic procedures naturally come with risks, such as nerve injury, skin discoloration or unnatural or undesirable results. At Paradise Dermatology, you can rest assured that your cosmetic treatment will be performed safely and correctly by our team of Board-Certified dermatology providers—experts that have the extensive training, knowledge, and experience specifically in dermatology. Our providers know how to avoid mistakes and quickly course-correct if needed. 

The Most Advanced Technology

Our Board-Certified providers offer not only extensive knowledge and expertise, but also the highest-quality equipment to help you achieve your specific skin care goals. We continue to add to our cosmetic services menu offering the most advanced technology available on the market. 

For example, if you’re receiving laser hair removal at a medspa, it’s possible that the laser being used is also utilized for multiple other laser services. However, at Paradise Dermatology, we perform laser hair removal for our patients using the innovative Candela GentleMax Pro®—the gold standard for safe and effective laser hair removal. Procedures performed with this system are high-powered, precise, fast, comfortable, and suitable for all skin types which means you will receive a very effective treatment leading to the best results.

Most recently, we’ve added a C02 laser in our Englewood office which provides the most advanced skin resurfacing using CoolPeel® technology. This allows for resurfacing for fine lines, sun damage, and improved skin texture, offering with minimal downtime!  

See our Board-Certified providers for your cosmetic goals!

At Paradise Dermatology, our Board-Certified dermatology providers are here to help you glow from the inside out with confidence and happiness. Let us help you establish the right foundation for all your skin care goals! Book your consultation here.