Chemical Peels Fact vs. Fiction

November 19, 2021

Chemical Peels Fact vs. Fiction

Does it make you nervous to hear the words chemical peel? Well, you are not alone! Many people have a misunderstanding of chemical peels and how they work, which has led to many misleading facts about Chemical peels. At Paradise Dermatology, we want to help separate fiction from the facts.

Fiction: You cannot be seen in public for weeks.

Fact: Depending on the type of peel you have, some peels have little-to-no downtime. Significant downtime is usually typical of Jessner or TCA peels, which are the strongest type of peel and leave a visible peeling effect. However, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Peels are very mild with little to no visible exfoliation or downtime, while still being an effective way to generate healthy-looking skin.

Fiction: Chemical peels are not good for your skin.

Fact: The chemical aspect of a peel is a combination of acids that are formulated by a chemist. Most peels are naturally derived by active acids like glycolic, which comes from sugarcane; lactic acid, which comes from sour milk; and salicylic acid, which comes from wintergreen. When in the hands of a professional, these acids can be used safely.

Fiction: Receiving a chemical peel is a one-time procedure.

Fact: Although superficial Chemical peels can help repair visible damage, fine lines, and even out skin tone, they cannot repair historical damage of the sun and other factors associated with aging. A deeper peel will help correct the same ailments and due to the deeper penetration level, they also stimulate new collagen production.

Receiving one peel will give skin visible results; however, it also needs to be done on a more consistent basis to achieve the best results. Think of it like exercise: the more consistent, the better the outcome! Ultimately, the degree of previous skin damage will determine the recommended treatment(s), in both frequency and depth of the peel.

At Paradise Dermatology, we always put together custom plans based on each patient's situation and individual needs. For more information or to see if a chemical peel is right for you, please contact our office at either of our locations:

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